Making of Cashew Nuts

In the 17th century Portuguese during their rule in Goa brought cashew for the conservation of soil, as Cashew Tree can grow on any surface.

In India, cashew trees are grown in Goa, Kerala and Maharashtra. About 80% of cashew nuts processed in Goa are sold in the local market.

Cashew seeds is the main product sold of the cashew tree.

The main product of the cashew seeds are the Kernels.

The hard shell is byproduct of the cashew seeds used for making paint, shoe polish etc.

Cashew fruit also known as false fruit or cashew apple is used to make an alcohol drink ‘Cashew Feni’ a very popular local drink in Goa.


Processing of cashew nuts involve cleaning, soaking, shelling, roasting (open pan, drum roasting and the hot oil method), manual separation, drying, peeling, grading and packaging.

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