• Oil Free Biryani – Chicken, Mutton, Vegetable
  • Oil Free Snacks – All Indian snacks
  • Oil Free Dal – Variety of dal and kadhi
  • Oil free Pickles – Variety of vegetables and spices
  • Oil Free Kebabs
  • Oil Free Chaat
  • Oil Free Wraps and Rolls
  • Oil Free Desserts
  • Oil Free Parathas
  • Oil Free Quick Recipes
  • Oil Free Microwave Cooking
  • Oil Free Seasonal Cooking
  • Sugar Free Desserts
  • Cake (with egg and eggless)
  • Spices – Variety of Indian Masalas and its medicinal values
  • Cooking Summer Camps for Teens – We hold cooking summer camps for teens and kids. Students will prepare an ambitious menu each day.

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