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Asafoetida /Hing It is used for seasoning of food. Helps digestion remedy for whooping cough and stomach ache due to gas.
Bay leaf /Tej Patta Add a specific flavour and aroma to food. Remedy from bacteria and fungal problems
Cardamom / Ilaichi Gives a good flavour and sweet aroma to food and beverages. Control bad breath and digestive disorder. Chewing is good for coping with diabetes. In Chinese medicine Cardomom is used to treat stomach disorders and malaria.
Chilli / Mirch Main ingredient used for adding hot flavour to the food. The antioxidants help to cope with cholesterol. Helps burning calories
Cinnamon / Dalchini Used for seasoning gives sweet flavour and preparing masalas also used in food and beverages. Supports natural production of insulin and reduces blood cholesterol.
Clove / Laung It gives strong pungent flavour used for preparing Masalas. Clove oil is beneficial tooth ache and sore gums. Clove is good for chest pains, fever, digestive problems, cough and cold.
Coriander / Dhania Coriander leaves gives fresh taste and used for garnishing. Seeds are used in masala for specific flavour. Used externally on aching joints and rheumatism. Also good for coping with sore throat, allergies, digestion problems
Cumin / Jeera Used for seasoning and gives fresh aroma and flavour. Good source of iron and keeps immune system healthy. Water boiled with cumin seeds is good for coping with loose motions of bowels.
Curry leaves / Kadhi Patta Used as a main ingredient for seasoning. Beneficial for reducing blood sugar. The dried leaves are used in herbal medicines.
Fenugreek / Methi Used as a leafy vegetable and seeds are used for seasoning and preparing Masalas. Fenugreek seed is good for increasing lactation. Also treats diabetes and lower cholesterol
Garlic / Lehsun Gives strong flavour and aroma. It is useful for coping with cough and cold. Also has antibiotic properties.
Ginger /Adrak It is used for giving pungent hot flavour and aroma to food Helps to avoid digestive problems. Also for coping with cough and cold.
Mustard /Rai It is used for seasoning as well as green leafy vegetable. Mustard oil is good for body massage and even for getting good hair. It consists of omega-3 fatty acids. It is an excellent source of iron, zinc, manganese, calcium, protein etc.
Nutmeg / Jaiphal It is used in powdered form for garnishing and also for masala preparation. It is used in soaps, perfumes and shampoos. It is beneficial for the treatments of asthma, heart disorder and bad breath.
Pepper / Kali Mirch Used in cooking for hot spicy flavour and aroma especially for garnishing. It helps coping with cold, cough, infections etc. It helps to deal with muscle pains and digestive problems
Saffron / Keshar Used for cooking as well as in beauty products. Mainly used in desserts. Helps to cope with skin diseases. A good remedy for cough, cold and asthma.
Star anise / Chakraphool Gives a sweet and pungent flavour and aroma. Star anise oil is beneficial for rheumatism. Helpful for digestion and avoiding bad breath.
Turmeric / Haldi Used in cooking for colour and as antibiotic and skin care products. Helps deal with skin problems. Can be used for healing cuts and wounds. It also makes coping with diabetes easier.
Caraway Seeds / Ajwain Used for flavour and aroma Helps digestion.
Fennel / Saunf Gives sweet flavour and aroma. Used as mouth freshener. Improves lactation and hypertension
Mint / Pudina Gives fresh aroma sweet taste with a cool aftertaste used in food and beverages. Treats stomach ache and chest pain and whitening of teeth.
Pomegranate Seeds / Anardana Adds souring tangy taste to spicy dishes The bark is used as remedy against diarrhea, dysentery and intestinal parasites. Seeds and juice are considered a tonic for the heart and throat
Onion / Pyaaj Used in almost all recipes Cures common cold to heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other diseases
Oregano Works with hot and spicy food gives flavour and aroma Cures colds, influenza, mild fevers, fungal infections, indigestion, stomach upsets, enteric parasitesand painful menstruation .
Basil / Tulsi Gives strong pungent sweet smell Basil oil have potent antioxidant, anti-cancer, antiviral, and anti-microbial properties




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